Skin Saviors

In a nutshell, I feel like I'm getting old and need to start taking care of my skin.
I think post 21, you need to start taking that extra time in the morning/at night and actually do stuff like use a night moisturizer, or actually taking your make up off after that 4am night out.

These are all budget buys, I think I'll start investing more once I test the waters a little and understand how my skin reacts.
I have normal-dry skin, which suffers from the occasional zit when I'm really stressed out. Used to be on the oily side during high school, but then my skin kinda changed as I got older ( I hear this is called a skin cycle).

1. Loreal Paris Skin Perfect 20+
 One hell of a day cream. It smells like rich old lady, but also like litchi. Or coconut. I can't tell. It's very matte, not oily at all on your skin. And I've been using the smaller sized 99 INR one to test out, and I can noticeably see my skin turn a lot clearer and a lot more even toned.

2. Fab India Aloe Vera under eye gel
 So, so soothing. I use this twice a day. Has reduced the lovely bags I sometimes wake up with.

3. Lakme Clean Up Mask 
 A real budget clay mask - I'm not sure about the 'salon-like'glow' that they go on about, but my skin feels pretty smooth after use. For the price, I guess this is a good-un.

4. Garnier Pure Active Extra Strong Pimple Control Pen
Zaps those zits in two days flat. It leaves a bit of residue (kind of like a peel off mask) but you can just wipe that off once it's dried and absorbed into your skin.

So I'm not going to get any LaMer or Shiseido any time soon, but from college-routine to work-routine, I think this a big step up!

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