Why every girl needs bold lipstick

I was someone who didn't for the life of me know how to lipstick on till I turned...19?
They scared the living shit out of me. And the whole lipliner deal. And bold lips? Forget it.

I think it changed because I thought I was ready to buy some 'big girl' make up so I went to MAC at Express Avenue and bought (of ALL the colors) Russian Red. :P

After that, the lipstick buying started. I wore lipstick if I was going out at night ONLY cause I didn't have the guts to pull off a bold lip during the day :P
Then I was like, to hell with it. If I want hooker lips at 1pm, so be it.

But to the girls who want to buy a bold lipstick but really don't want a red - I suggest this.
A wine/berry shade. It's SO flattering. It's dark, yes, but I find it so sophisticated.
I steal my mum's lip liner if I'm really going all out, but I usually apply it without anything (I know, I know, that's not the best). But I'll get there :P

I recommend a matte lipstick over glossy/creamy because it's a lot less INYOURFACE and you can stain it out if you chicken out (I've done this MANY times :P)

I'm wearing L'oreal Moist Matte Lipstick in Arabian Nights (bit of a discount here :here)
Perfect for holiday lips :D

Happy Diwali!

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