Bombay Shopping Diaries - The highlights

Street shopping for me is a source of delight. If I come across one of those shops with export rejects (yes, there's a difference between the fake ones that claim to be 'H&M' or 'Zara' and the actual export rejects).
Thankfully, 4 years in fashion design school taught me what to look for, which ones to ditch and how to drive a really hard bargain.

I did buy a considerable amount in Bombay this time but SURPRISE SURPRISE, 50% of the stuff wasn't for me :P. In fact, I think the presents outweighed the haul I got for myself. That's okay.
There's always a next time :P

I am not including the stuff I got at malls, cause I went basics shopping, and I don't want to bore you guys with the Extremely Exciting Black Pants That Fit Perfectly (being a 26 really f&^#s with your options) or the White Top That Can Make Even Me Fake A Figure (trust me, Nicki Minaj can go around hating on us 'skinny bitches' all she likes, but finding a well-fitting top is almost impossible)

Here are a few pieces that I thought were pretty different from the stuff that I'd usually pick up when I go street shopping. I'd definitely consider these the highlights.

A huge thank you to my best friend for taking these pictures. And for waking up.

I am pretty camera shy when it comes to the whole 'posing' deal. Excuse the lack of face.
I will hopefully get better with the next post :P

Look! Detailing!

Awkward pose 1

Should've steamed this top damnit

I carry far too much shit in this bag.

Shit where's my phone

All three tops were a whopping 250 INR each (yes, I had to haggle).
Skirt was 500 INR.
Brilliant quality, all of them.
Really happy.

Happy Friday!

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