Necklace Layering - 2 ways

So as I was rummaging around in my jewelry, I realized I have far too many necklaces.
And most of them never see the light of day, but I keep buying more.

And then I felt really bad and vowed never to buy more.

Then I realized that would never happen because YOLO.

So, jumping on the layering bandwagon, I decided to style two sets of necklaces two ways. Almost a 'Good Girl gone Bad' teeehheeehee.

*clears throat*

This first set is a pair of statement necklaces. I think layering statement necklaces is something that you can totally get away with if you're wearing a really plain blouse, or a top. Make sure that the necklaces are related in some way (or not, if you're going for that). This can be in terms of tones, the stonework, the shape, whatever.
I wore this with a collared shirt because I think it adds that extra dimension - you can put one necklace so that it peeps under the collar, and the other one can be all out.

One necklace must hang lower/wider than the other, or they will end up sitting one on top of the other and give you this very unflattering 'aunty at a wedding' vibe that just isn't a good look at all. Fail.


 Behind the scenes :P. Me myself and I need to get that tripod back from my friend's house :P
Or my FRIENDS could take pictures for me (WINK WINK, HINT HINT)

This second set is a lot edgier and something I love wearing. Anyone who knows me knows I love me a little  lot Gothic Lolita, so the crosses and skulls are right up my alley. Here the key is balancing out the lengths. Make sure you've got one closer to the neck and one that sits nicely near your well, boob area, and in between can be whatever you want. I love how they get all intertwined (intertwined, not tangled) because it looks very rocker chic.

So let me know how you guys get on with this. I am not sure whether this will make you look at the millions of necklaces that I am sure you all own and encourage you to utilize them better or go the completely opposite way and will send you out on a spree to buy more pieces to layer with.
I am not responsible for the latter.

P.S If you do end up buying more, please tell me, because I will feel so much better about myself :P

Happy Tuesday!

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