Bag Lovin'

Long time no see! I am so sorry for the delay in posts - I've been getting into the whole 'back to school' rhythm. Classes at night are something extremely new for me, so I've been trying to find some sort of schedule that works (I haven't been successful so far). Sigh.


I've been thinking about buying a shopper/tote style bag for a while now. I wanted something that would hold my textbooks/notebooks/laptop and all the other fun stuff that comes with grad school and not look bulky or overloaded (my textbooks weigh about one ton each).

I was browsing the internet and looking at what people usually carry to school and the whole shopper-tote style seemed the most popular. I narrowed it down to two brands that I could 1. Afford and was still 2. Fashionable. Nine West and Kenneth Cole do a really god job of making designer bags that don't break the bank. I was going to buy the bag on Amazon but I feel like you can get a much better idea of the size when you're in the store, even if you can do the whole free returns thing. 

I bought this beauty at Strawberry which is a retail outlet in the city. They have a lot of amazing products (especially designer) at ridiculous prices. When I saw this, and the price, I bought it and ran out of the store. I kid you not.

This is the Kenneth Cole Reaction 'Foxy' Two-tone Shopper. I absolutely adore this bag. It fits everything that I need and still retains its shape. I went with the black because well, I have no imagination, and I thought the white striped detailing looked brilliant. They had this in a couple of other solid colors but this one really did it for me. I also love the chain detailing on the front.

Bag - Kenneth Cole - $39.99
High waist trousers - Mango
Tank top - H&M - $5.00


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