Fall Scent Additions - The Body Shop

 When the seasons change, I feel like the kinds of perfume and bodywash I use also tend to change along with it. I love my fruity florals, but in the fall I prefer something a little more fresh, spicy and light. If that makes any sense.

I feel like The Body Shop nails scents in some areas. They don't smell essence-y and are really natural and 'unedited'. There aren't impossible mixes like sweater-weather-marshmallow-pumkin-latte-cinnamon-dreams *cough-splutter-bathandbody*.

Here are some recent additions to my 'scent wardrobe' if you will.
Also, I just learned that L'oreal owns TBS and that's why they have French translations.

1. Body Shop Shower Gel in Smoky Poppy
    When this line came out, I was curious as to whether the scent would be manly, womanly or both. I'd definitely say both. It's got spicy undertones but a subtle sweetness that makes it just right. The gel is actually black which makes lil old me VERY happy. I live with guys so I will be sure to keep this in my room so that I don't wake it to it completely over one day.

2. Body Shop Shower Gel in Blueberry
    This is one of those 'good enough to eat' scents. Loads of brands do berry inspired scents (Bath and Body, Victoria's Secret) but they come off as synthetic to me. This literally smells like the fruit. You can even smell the tartness, you know? It's brilliant and definitely not an overpowering or clawing scent.

3. Fragrance mist in Fijian Water Lotus
    This rave could be long so grab yourself a cup of tea.
 Back when I was home, a couple of years ago, I bought (okay, my Mom bought) this perfume from them called Aqua Lily. It was one of the nicest, freshest scent's I'd ever had the pleasure of smelling so of course, I stole it.
It got discontinued so I decided to move on. And I thought I'd never find a scent like that again.
Until now.
I was at the store here in Manhattan and I showed the lady at the counter my empty perfume bottle and asked her if they had anything similar. She herded me towards the Body Mists and told me to check out the Fijian Water Lotus one. I didn't have high expectations but I thought I'd give it a shot. And oh my god. It is amazing. If you're into fresh, ocean-like, sweet but sharp scents, this is the one for you. The price point is insane for the amount of silage is has. It stays on ALL DAY. I've always thought The Body Shop fragrance mists are underrated as they fare just as well as an eau de parfum in terms of staying power. And they're also 1/4th the price. This is going to be my go-to scent this fall and winter till I can find afford to supplement it with another one.

What are your favorite scents from TBS?


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