Drugstore Haul & Review

The moment I got my acceptance letter this was my thought process:
1. I have brought honor to my family.
2. I can now shop at the drugstore.

I have spent many a day envying the American beauty community who has access to a wider range of Maybelline/Revlon/Rimmel than I do in India and who have Elf/Wet n Wild/NYC at their disposal.

This is why I decided to move to New York for grad school.


This is a result of a month of small sneaky purchases and the combined cost of all that doesn't even cross $20.

1. Wet n Wild Megaplump Mascara
     This was probably the first thing that I bought from the drugstore. I was in desperate need of a mascara and my Million Lashes dried up on me. I did a big of in-store research and saw that this wand gives you a pretty similar effect. The formulation is a little too wet for me, but it's a great one for daytime.

2. Elf Volumizing Mascara
    Elf products are notorious for being either brilliant or completely awful. After the average performance of the Wet N Wild mascara, I took a gamble and bought this. I LOVE it. It goes on so easily and two coats gives me exactly what my Million Lashes used to. Stays on all day, as well. And I think the packaging is great too!

3. Wet n Wild Megalast nailpolish in Disturbia
    This is by far my favorite purple nailpolish. Ever. I've been on the hunt for a nice vampy dark purple without sparkles for years now. This has done it. The brush is also one of them fancy ergonomic ones that fit your nail perfectly. I think it works well for everything except my pinky cause it's tiny. I just end up using the brush on its side.

4. Wet n Wild Topcoat
     I picked this up along with the nailpolish cause well, dark colors chip and leave you looking like a preteen that bites your nails for fun. I wouldn't say I'm a fan because my nails gave me two days grace then started chipping. Why. Topcoat, you had one job...

5. Elf Flawless eye shadow palette in Tantalizing Taupe
    I'm all about the neutral palettes. I have a few of them now, and I think they're great for stashing in your purse. These four shades are nice, pigmented, buttery taupe shades. They're quite satiny (I expected them to be more matte) but I'm happy with them all the same. I love using the darkest shade in my crease - really adds depth and takes my usual gold day-eye to a night time vibe.

6. Burt's Bees Vanilla Lipbalm
    This stuff is an American cult favorite so when I saw it on a discount, I just grabbed it. I love it.

7. Wet n Wild lipsticks in Vamp it Up and Spotlight Red
    These lipsticks were impulse purchases. I was looking for some fall appropriate lipsticks and I picked these two up. I really Like Spotlight Red - it's a nice cool toned red. I'm still debating on whether to drop the $20 on Ruby Woo. But I think as this isn't AS nice, I may just have to. Vamp it up is a straight up purple. Not for the faint hearted. I love it stained out a bit (I am not brave enough to slap it on directly:P). The formulas of both these lipsticks are really good, I'd recommend buying them if you're looking for a quick budget matte lipstick.

On a side note, the atmosphere in the city here is brilliant. It's almost fall, it's Fashion Week and there's a nice drop in temperature. I am going to have the nicest, laziest Sunday tomorrow and probably have a wander around the city. Happy Fashion Week, guys!

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