Little (?) Black Bag

So I've been on the lookout for a nice black handbag that looks designer but in terms of cost, lets me keep my kidneys.
This little number from New Look (retailed on Myntra) was everything I was looking for and more.
I love the feel of the bag. It's soft, and matte.And the imitation of snakeskin done by quilting? Genius.
I am terrified of owning patent-esque bags because I always feel like I'm going to scratch them. 
I am not a careful person.

It's a brilliant size, large without looking tote-y. And I'm a small person, big bags tend to drown me.
Buying bags online is always a toss up. I know New Look's quality, so I went with it.  More often than not, there will be a picture of the bag on a model, but if not, check the size chart. Or the 'sling shoulder bag' you wanted for work will be able to fit a tissue and one housekey. At most.
I'm really glad these e-comm sites are stocking more and more international brands now, so that till H&M and New Look finally come to our shores in the form of B&M stores, we can spend the better part of our salaries on these pretty imports that we probably don't need, online.
You can still get it here on an even bigger discount than I did :D

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