How I sorted out my Wardrobe Gaps

In any wardrobe, there are those gaps that we all tend to have. We sometimes don't know what they are. But once you've worn the same formal pants to work around fifteen times, or only have that one pair of heels for sarees - you know you need to do something about it.

I decided that I needed alternatives to the same old, safe colors/items that I was going for again, and again, So I bit the bullet and started looking beyond what I wanted, and looked to what I needed. #deep

Here are some of the wardrobe 'gaps' I've had for the past few years and what I have now replaced them with. I hope this helps some of you guys break away from the buying patterns that you have, allowing you to try something new.

1. Smart shoes (brogues or moccasins) and dull metallic ballerinas - an alternative to strappy flats for work
 Instead of wearing your usual strappy sandals to work, get yourself a couple of pairs of smart shoes. I got these blue suede brogues from Forever21. They look super formal with any outfit, and the color adds interest (step away from the blacks and browns, ladies!). I needed a pair of ballet flats that weren't any specific color, so this dull gold pair from Westside REALLY hit the damn spot.

2. An ink-blue or wine work dress - an alternative to a black work dresses
Step aside blacks,whites, greys and navys. I work front-end at work, so it's essential that I don't look like something the cat dragged in even if I feel that way. And bright blue/purple is a great alternative for anyone looking to switch up their darker basics with some color, be it for a dress, pants, a skirt ot a blazer.

3. Chiffon plaid shirt (still can't believe I found this) - an alternative to my worn out black cardigan 

In Chennai especially, I tend to start off my day with a tank, and will step into some godawfully cold restaurant or movie theater that feels like that damn Arctic. I used to have a black sweater to throw on, but it was getting really old and fugly. I wanted something thin, but that still gave me coverage and looked like it was a thought out part of my outfit. Behold, my chiffon plaid shirt.

4. A formal maxi dress (for weddings, marginally fancy events, grown up parties) - an alternative to the LBD for formal events
I have wanted a maxi dress for the longest time. So when my best friend got married, I knew exactly what I'd wear to the ceremony. I have way too many short dresses that really don't do it for the really dressy events. So I got myself a red (didn't want black) halter for just those purposes where it'd really suck to look under-dressed.

5. Wine colored pants - an alternative to all my black ones
I started my colored pant collection this year with a dark blue and a pair of wine ones. Not much of an explanation needed here other than the fact that I was stepping out of my black box.

6. Designer looking grown-up bag - an alternative to cheaper ones that LOOKED their price
Have done a whole post here. I needed something that I could carry around and look marginally superior. This did the job nicely.

Anyway, I must get back to work.
Happy Monday!

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