Street Finds: The White Edition

Once in a while I succumb to the temptation that is Commercial Street. You find some really good export reject stock and I got pretty lucky.
I've been on the hunt for white pieces for my wardrobe for a while now. And these two hit the spot.
I'm over the whole sheer-chiffon-buttondown craze that hit the streets a few seasons ago and I'm looking for more interesting textures. The white blouse had permanent pleat crepe and lace applique and the dress was lace and tulle (the ballerina in me was very excited).

Priced (I kid you not) at 200 INR for the white sleeveless blouse and 400 INR for the dress - I think you all can fully appreciate why I love nosing out export reject stock. They're good quality and have the tiniest defects (trust me, Zara has defected pieces in-store at times), and I couldn't find anything wrong with either of these pieces. Thank you to Nisha for helping me with these shots. And strategically blurring out the garbage in the background :P

Have a great Sunday!


  1. I love that dress :) And youu. Hi :)

  2. Hellooo :* Thank you :D I shall show you in person, soon:D


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