Purchases: Smooth Sale-ing

So I recently went to Express Avenue to go to The Body Shop to pick up a couple of things with the vouchers I had. And somehow, two other items ended up in my bag. I have no idea how that happened. But come on, sales suck you in. Those red stickers/markers which just boast of 20, 30, 50, 70% off the original price. Think of all the money you'll actually be saving! What if you need something similar in the future but it's full price? You'll regret it then.

And so on.

1. The Body Shop Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser - NOT ON SALE
    It was a toss up between this and the Tea Tree face wash, but as I recently purchased something very       similar to the latter (I honestly think it works just as well), I went for the cleanser. Now I'm one of those people that strongly believes that foamy face washes or cleansers are the only ones that actually work. It's some weird placebo that makes my face feel cleaner. It's the same with shampoos and body washes (am I alone here?) But this cleanser (I've been using it for about a week now) is amazing. I use it twice a day and it leaves my skin feeling absolutely velvety soft. I have been caught many a time poking at and stroking my cheeks because I simply cannot believe how a tiny blob of cleanser can make such a difference. I have mild combination skin (the t-zone is dry most of the year but during the summer it gets oily) and I find that this just evens everything out and makes it super super supple. A definite repurchase.

2. The Body Shop Born Lippy Sticks in Plum
    I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I've wanted a chapstick that gives a TINY bit of color
without looking like a tint and this really does the job. And I'm allergic to 9/10 of them. As someone who absolutely despises the little potted ones (they get sticky, stuff gets inside, and they burn your lips off more often than not) I really like the stick versions. The only downside is that they don't taste as good as they smell. They don't taste like anything, actually which I find sad because they smell really, really fruity. It was around INR 200 (originally priced at INR 395). Pricey for a glorified chapstick, but I think this works for those days where I want a LITTLE bit of color on my lips.

3. Head Over Heels - Black sandals
    Oh my god. If you're going to EA anytime soon, go to Westside and see if you can find these in your size. I absolutely love them. They go with both day AND night time outfits without looking too casual or too dressy, whatever the case may be. And I love the zipper detailing on the back. Perfect, perfect, perfect. The original price was around INR 1200 but on sale, it was around INR 699 which is a really good deal. I love Head Over Heels sandals and flats purely cause they last a long time. I used to travel by train and bus with them all year round and they don't come apart easily AT all. Trust me, with people stepping on your feet all the time on public transport, you need a pair of hardy shoes to do the job.

4. NUON Lace Dress

   When I saw this dress, my world stood still. It's like nothing even existed anymore. As long as I could have it, the universe would be alright, I'd get a job, be successful and win at life.

It wasn't the gorgeous black lace at the front.
It wasn't the sexy bandage back.
It wasn't even the cost (INR899, people.)
It was an XXS.
Being petite and skinny isn't fun. Finding a well-fitting dress that doesn't gape or isn't too long is almost impossible. When it's my birthday, or New Years, or Christmas, or an event which requires me to find a nice dress, I don't get excited at all. Because I'm sure that no matter where I go, nothing will fit. And if it does, there'll always be something wrong with it. Color-wise, fabric-wise, trim-wise, price-wise.
BUT THIS. THIS WAS PERFECTION. It fit like a dream.

(I will take a picture of this dress when I find someone to take a picture of me in it :P)

Have a nice week!


  1. oh goodnesss! acchuuu!!!!! this is so good! i love reading this kind of stuff! im surely gonna take back something from ur perfume post! so good! <3

    1. Hahaha aww :') Did you buy the Vanilla Lace one :D?


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