IMHO: Top fashion/style websites

When I'm spending (wasting) time on the laptop, there are a few tabs that will constantly be opened the second my Chrome fires up. Apart from the usual social media, these six sites are what give me my input of fashion and style information from all corners of the globe, apart from the ten million blogs that I read.

I've met quite a few people who are not in fashion but love it and would like information that doesn't come in the conventional form of Vogue/Elle which, awesome as they are, they are only monthly magazines. These sites update themselves daily, providing the reader with an absolute trove of information that gets you oohing and aahing over the latest styles on the street, the runway or from the past.

I recommend quite a few of these sites, if not all, for those of you who are into this sort of thing. Especially fashion students - it is essential to stay updated and be aware of what's going on. I swear they should start putting these sites into course curriculum in schools for kids who want to do design or fashion instead of making them balance ledgers and code programs when that's clearly not what they're into. </end rant>

1. Who What Wear

A great one for runway bytes, street style, beauty and celebrity fashion. It has those buzzfeed-esque list compilations which make for happy scrolling time and inspiration. They do a really good job in making runway fashion and stories understandable, highlighting key ideas, trends, make up looks and where to find knock offs.

2. Lookbook
By far, my favorite street fashion compilation site. Users from all over the world post OOTD photos and share them for inspiration and viewing pleasure. If you're stuck on styling a particular piece in your wardrobe, chances are, someone here has done something similar.
Some of these users have links to their own blogs, which  I always find an interesting read. And if I like them, I'll proceed to stalk them on Bloglovin' and Instagram. And Twitter.

3. The Cutting Class

This one caters a little more to students of fashion and design. It has posts on details, patterns, drapes and stitches that designers have displayed on the runway along with a really nice analysis and the occasional how-to. Really pays attention to detail and the pictures are absolutely brilliant. Lovely minimal layout too, I must say.


Another all-rounder in terms of content, this one really gives you all the runway news as SOON as the shows come out. When the world was watching the World Cup, glued to their televisions, I was sitting up on my laptop, waiting for the pictures of the Fall/Winter couture shows to surface. They cover almost EVERY designer's fashion show, with pictures of every single look. A real designer's encyclopedia. 

I find this similar to Who What Wear, actually. But I still go on it. You can never have enough of these sites in your life!

Somewhere deep inside me, is a Gothic Lolita begging for release. I wear far too much black, lace, black lace, have an obsession with 19th century literature, fashion and life and absolutely adore the Lolita style. Sigh.
But aside from that, I adore Japanese fashion. More specifically, street fashion. The streets are teeming with youngsters who redefine fashion and change conventional aesthetics every single day. The tiny little micro trends that they start in the east on the streets of Shibuya are often scouted by some trendspotter for H&M or Forever21 and then copied and reproduced on a mass scale. The streets are rich with inspiration and theatrics. This site is a street photography compilation of just that. Maybe you won't dress EXACTLY like them, but I'm sure you can find some crazy trends that you can incorporate in your own way. I know I have!


  1. I would also add It gives you all the latest news from the top luxury labels and of course, the Kardashians, who everybody secretly loves.

  2. Haha :P I will check that site out :)


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