Purchases: The cheapest and most Long Wearing nailpolish I own

I normally walk past nailpolish counters when I'm shopping on holiday and go straight to the face stuff. I feel like I can get decent polishes in India, so why bother?

But when you're in Wal-Mart, and you're surrounded by drugstore brands, how much can in really hurt to pick up a couple and see how they go?

So I walked up to the NYC section. Reminded me of my teenage years when some visiting relative would drop one off. I picked this one out. Wine Bar. I've been looking for a good wine colored polish for god knows how long and this was the perfect shade. 

It was around a dollar so I didn't really mind if it totally sucked.

So I got back from my trip. Tried it on. Yes, two coats (oh come on, it was a dollar). It was gorgeous.
And it stayed gorgeous, no top coat no nothing for, wait for it, 8 days! 

I was so happy. My only regret? I only bought one.

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