Purchases: Bath and Body Works deliciousness

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for things that smell good. Be it perfume, soap, candles, lotions, men - I appreciate the subtle science and fine art that is scent-making. It bewitches the mind, ensnares the senses and all that.

When I found myself outside a Bath and Body Works during the summer sale, I went a little crazy.
I went over three different days (eep) and as things were on sale in rotation, it was just a matter of time before the scents that I wanted to buy were on knockdown.

I am no beauty expert but I know that some people do prefer The Body Shop for their lotions and potions probably because of the natural ingredients. But come onnnnn. I think the scents that Bath And Body offer are amazing. A lot of them have incredibly creative names and associations with places/seasons and feelings which I think is extremely fun. I don't think it particularly does wonders for the skin, they're nice, good quality products that do their job.

Out of all the things I bought, I think these four products were the best smelling ones.

1. Dark Kiss
    This is probably my favorite. It makes me feel like a sexy vixen because it's all night time-y. Light floral with hints of vanilla in it, it's something you should bathe in if you've had a long ass day and want to wind down. Or if you're heading out and want to smell good because the scent DOES linger (which is what I really like about these products).

2. Warm Vanilla Sugar
    Where to start. If you like smelling edible, this is the one for you. I've tried vanilla scented products from loads of brands, but I feel like they all get it wrong, because this clinical, chemical, cream smell comes through the vanilla note, completely killing it. But this product, you ONLY get this amazingly warm, vanilla scent. I swear I have spent a good ten minutes post shower just sniffing my arms.

3. Sweet Pea
    If you're one of those people that likes sweeter, floral scents, you will enjoy this. Their whole Sweet Pea line is pretty great, actually. But I picked up the lotion because one, it was one sale and two, I didn't want a perfume or a bodywash because I feel like that would be an overkill on scent.

4.  Paris Amour
     Ah, the city of love. This is one of those cleverly named scents that suck you in and make you buy it because you can fool yourself into thinking you've been transported to Paris in your shower space. This is another fruity floral scent but a rather fresh one.

I envy people who live in a city with Bath and Body. India seriously needs to get one. More importantly, Chennai. So if you've got that uncle/aunt/sister/brother/grandparent/boyfriend/girlfriend who has access to a store, especially during the sale because it's INSANE, do not pass up on the opportunity to force them to go there for you and pick up something. I've done it. I have good friends :P


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