Wardrobe Resolutions 2015

As the New Year begins, I feel like instead of pretending to myself that I can change my life completely, I decided to start small - and fix my wardrobe. And a by-product of this is learning where to invest and where to budget. Which my parents will be thrilled about, no doubt.

1. Buy more investment pieces
  Don't get me wrong, I love to street shop. But when I moved out, I realized just how much I had amassed over the past few years. I wanted variety, sure. But a lot of those chiffony-flowy-printed pieces were getting quite old. I still, however, would probably buy export rejects. Purely because they followed SOME quality standards before they got tossed on the 'Discard' pile.

2. Be open to trying stuff out of my comfort zone A.K.A Never judge a garment by how it looks on the hanger
   Being a short, small person, options are limited. The skinny-bitch hating is all well and good in songs, but ain't so funny when we don't have options in terms of dresses, or well fitting pants. I tend to look at stuff in 'hanger mode'. And I don't bother trying it on. Need to change that!

3. Capsule wardrobe
  Popularized by Donna Karan, the capsule wardrobe concept is based on the principle that you only need a few basic staple pieces, and augment it every season with more color-specific pieces. I need to toss/donate a good amount of my stuff out in order to streamline my wardrobe.

4. Get more work-appropriate dresses
   As I work in a place where I deal with clients a lot, it's essential that I present myself well. Another option to pants and skirts are good work dresses. You can wear this with or without a blazer/cardigan, as is appropriate for your work environment. I recently got a BARGAIN dress online from a brand called Mast and Harbor on Myntra - check out some of their dresses here. Less than a grand, and really lovely quality.

5. Invest in shoes
    When I was in college, I traveled a lot everyday, so I never really bothered dropping cash on my everyday shoes. But now that I can actually wear nicer shoes, I feel like I need to invest more. Not only do better quality shoes last longer (provided you take care of them enough)

6. Stop falling for the online sales unless they're offering something that is cheaper that the store price
Well, this point is pretty self-explanatory, but I've felt myself being completely sucked in by the online e-tailers off-late. More often that not, though I've picked up some good bargains. For example, Only/Vero Moda had its 70% off sale in December and I picked up a few good pieces from the online store as opposed to the outlet purely cause of stock and sizing - I hardly find my size in stores. But online, I always get lucky *cue Daft Punk*

Anyway, I hope this helps some of you detox your wardrobe and your wardrobes, so to speak.
Good luck, and a Happy New Year!

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