For the girl that's in a rush

When I first started living alone, I promised myself that I'd wake up early every morning, drink some coffee, catch some TV, leisurely take a shower and eat breakfast.
I even remember the word morning yoga floating around somewhere.

Well, that didn't happen.

More often than not, I'm in a mad rush, trying to find stuff that matches and not squeezing conditioner on my toothbrush. I have a job that requires me to interact with clients, so I need to look awake. Or competent. Or both.

So for the girl that can't help but sleep in - this is how to make the most of your morning time, even if you're not a morning person. These are a couple of products that help me along.

1. Put your heater and your coffee/tea/Bournvita/Pediasure/Complan on at the same time.

2. Pick out your outfit and put it on your bed. Go with something you're sure you'll look good in - now is not the time for a New York Fashion Week in your bedroom. Also, brush your teeth if you'd prefer now (or you can do after your shower). Add some jewellery to it - easiest way to look put together. Statement pieces do wonders.

3. Bathe. Set the temperature a little lower than usual so you wake up. Use a body scrub or a bodywash with exfoliants. Citrus fruit scents and peppermint is the best for morning showers. I recommend Nivea Lemon and Oil Shower Gel, or Original Source's Mint and Tea Tree Shower Gel

4. Put some ice or under eye gel on your face while you drink your coffee/eat so you don't look like a bee stung your face. Puffy eyes are the worst. I recommend the Fabindia Aloe Vera soothing eye gel. Works like a charm. Also, cleanse and remove the previous night's makeup that didn't come off with facewash. This prevents that pandaesque look that happens with washed out kajal.

5. Put your clothes and face on. At this point you should hate life a little less.

6. Perfume. Something fresh like Zara Tulle, it makes you feel awake, and a lot fresher. And antiperspirant. Don't forget! 

6. CHECK YOUR BAG. Phone/charger/headphones/cash. When you're in a rush, these are the things you will forget.

7. Drink water before you head out the door. This prevents dehydration, and gives your system a good cleanse before the McDonald's that you're inevitably going to eat for lunch.

8. Set your alarm half an hour earlier.

9. Repeat.

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