Stepping out of the black box.

The best thing about fall sales is the amazing deals you can get on dark colored pieces. Pants, sweaters, tops, blouses - if you're like me, and live in your little black box, fall sales are the time to stock up on colors that you will branch out to (without paying full price) before the pastels come in. Don't get me wrong. I think pastels are gorgeous. But I'm a girl who loves her darker neutrals. Sigh.

I went to the mall once four times, and found some really nice pieces. I was in the market for some nice pants that weren't black, and a couple of new pairs of shoes.

I was determined to get some color.

When I'm not wearing black, I'm wearing grey or white. I needed to branch out.

A good way to do this is to look at dark jewel tones. Those colors are exactly what they say they are - colors that you find in well, jewels. Dark blue, emerald, purple. All really rich colors, all good alternate to black in terms of basics like blouses and trousers.


Then this happened. I do have other pieces, but they're at my parent's house. And I wanted you guys to take advantage of the sale that is fizzling out!

1. Blue brogues - Forever 21 - 1699 INR
2. Fuscia Leggings - Promod - 990 INR (sale)
3. Navy cropped trousers - Mango -1490 INR (sale)
4. Black and gold flats - Westside - 1099 INR
5. Stripey socks - Forever 21 - 89 INR

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