So I'm pretty sure a lot of you are going away on holiday this summer. And some of you may not have the luxury of a 25kg check-in luggage, if you're backpacking.

I've had a bit of experience, living out of a tiny bag when I was traipsing around Scotland and London (but it had wheels, so it's not EXACTLY backpacking). And I didn't know if I was hiking, biking, or partying. It's all about being prepared for anything, but without OVERPACKING.
So one of my lovely friends who is backpacking in Europe this summer asked me if I could do a post on this.
And I realized while making this list, that it would definitely serve as a master list for myself as I travel this summer.

So, in essence, you need 3 main bags. A backpack/duffel, a totebag (packed INSIDE your backpack when you start your trip, but used to hold things that you may buy through the trip, and a big makeup/washbag (preferably with compartments).

Like, I said, pack minimal, but with clothes you can multipurpose with. Dressing up/dressing down items is something that is very important. You may be trawling through mud one day, and the next day, you may have a swanky dinner. You need to be ready for anything.

So without further ado here are my lists:


Keep your passport in a place YOU can access easily. The front zip of your backpack is not the best place. Buy a plastic pouch that you can keep all your documents in that serves as waterproof protection also, and slip this in between your clothes.

Buy a couple of pouches for your electronics (waterproof, preferably) so that your wires don't get tangled up.


Happy Holidaying, and let me know if you guys want a makeup/jewelry accompaniment!

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