The Mid Week Therapy Night

There are those days at the end of the week (or even in the middle) where I need some serious relaxation/pamper time. When your budget is tight and you don't exactly have the facilities required for a bath tub AND no Wi-fi in your PG (yes folks, it is true),
To be honest, I think it's given me time to really switch off when I get home and spend time reading or watching Desperate Housewives on TV.

But all in all, these nights are when I really get to spend some 'me' time and chill the f*** out.

I usually start off with a nice warm shower (hot water damages my skin like CRAZY). The Palmolive Thermal Spa Skin Renewal Crushed Coconut Body Wash is one of the best scrub-cream wash combinations ever. I feel like a hula dancer when I step out of the shower. Really moisturizing, gets the job done. Although it says to apply it with a loofah, I feel like that defeats the purpose of getting down and dirty with the scrub. So I use it with my hands first and then go over it with a wet loofah.

After that, this is the time where I work on my face. The Jovees Apricot and Almond scrub is what I use to get all that grit off my face. It's not harsh at all, but gently exfoliates, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple.

Then, pore strip time.
When people ask me how much my tattoos hurt - here is an answer. 1 pore strip pulling = 5 tattoos.
But the satisfaction of seeing all the goo from your pores on that strip is satisfying to the nth degree. I used the Clenz U (much Wow) carbon strips from Health n Glow. You get 3 in a pack for a little over 100 INR, so it's pretty worth it, cause they're really nice quality too.

I paint my nails because well, makes me feel ladylike.

And for my beverage choice - I love a cup of Cadbury's Cocoa. For you tea drinkers, Tulsi Ginger Green tea is my alternative. You get this at places like Fab India or Nilgiris. 130 INR for 25 sachets or so.

Like I said, my room is a Wifi free zone, so I love curling up in bed with my drink and listening to Radiolab podcasts - DEFINITELY check them out here. They really simplify science and technology for challenged people such as I. A book that I've been loving lately - The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. The 'real' story of the Dracula. Chilling, gripping, and makes me sleep with my light on...

Another favorite I've had this month is my headphones. They're these - the Philips ActionFit sport headphones. They fit SO snugly, they NEVER flop out, and they're so comfortable to fall asleep in. I credit my S.O for helping me out with this, I know 0 about headphones/audio paraphernalia and this was a pretty sweet deal at INR 539.

So this is how I unwind and destress. This doesn't even have to be on a weekend. Just whenever you have a couple hours to yourself.

Try this, I swear it works!

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