My roommate and I decided to spend the entire afternoon tie-dyeing her sheets. She bought this box dye off Amazon and the quality was AMAZING. We were left absolutely thrilled with the results and a slightly blue bathtub but that's okay.

We used a combination of Shibori and tie-dyeing techniques (Pinterest is your best friend for ideas on how to tie) and decided to go with only one color instead of a mixture of a couple.

I will say that for two people doing this in a tiny bathroom it was a bit challenging - especially with the dyeing/oxidizing/rinsing process, but it was a fun experience. I would definitely advise anyone who wants to upgrade their sheets or simply have a really great customized set of bedding - dye it yourself. As you can see, I also ended up throwing in a sweater and a dress which both turned out beautiful.

Looking for a fun activity to while away a weekend? We completely recommend tie-dyeing! Costs next to nothing and at the end of it all you'll have a set of sheets to rival Urban Outfitters and would've paid 1/10th of the cost!

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