Fall Essentials - Makeup & Skincare

I have a confession to make.

I've been struggling with blog content/direction probably from Day 1. Every post feels just a little bit...not me? But I always figured that it'll come together somehow, especially with the new theme in place. But experimenting with different photography styles, post formats and topics still didn't do it.

Till October hit me like a train.

Then I realized - I should just emulate the weird, spooky little aspiring Victorian Goth that I am and roll with it. Anyone who knows me knows that I love that sh*t. Horror movies (although I regret it heavily when I'm trying to sleep - my roommate and my parents can vouch for this. The Ring 2? I slept in my parents bed for a week. I was 16), Victorian novellas, Penny Dreadfuls, supernatural podcasts and of course, black clothing.

So, I'm experimenting (again) with style, but I hope this serves me better than the rest of the stuff that I tried. Actually, I'm confident that it will. This is actually the stuff I have in my room, the stuff that I raid thrift shops for. And why not show it?

Back to the point of this blogpost after that rambling. Fall is here and this is honestly, be it in Chennai with the monsoon or here with the slightly muggy but still kinda-sorta-cold weather, it is my favorite time of year. Or, as I'd like to think, according to this hilarious Tumblr post - 'when my powers are at it's height' or something. There's a significant amount of switching up that happens in terms of my style and makeup. My skin/hair goes through this freak out stage between seasons and it only JUST calmed down. Here are some of the things that get me into the mood for the witching season.

1. Skincare 

I have normal-combination skin usually. But during the transition, it is oily, dry, combination, reptilian - everything. I had a month where I was waking up to a new resident on my face every morning. Not fun. I probably bought 4 different face washes to combat it. And then, by a very lucky coincidence, I met a friend that works at Belif - and she was lovely enough to give me a bunch of samples (Thank you Chi!). I used the Problem-Solution range and it cleared my skin immediately. It took a week of regular use to see any changes, and it works best on cleansed skin with all your makeup taken off (I just use rosewater cleanser from home). The two products I used most were the Belif Problem Solution Moisturizer and the Foaming Cleanser (they were in sachets so I didn't put them in this post). I will be doing another post on them as they're pretty pricey items and I want to try them for a month at least before I say anything further. But I was so lucky to get samples that I could use for a considerable amount of time. But yes, if your skin is freaking out about the weather getting colder/drier, look into changing your skincare routine - especially your cleanser and moisturizer.

The second thing to look into is to look into a good priming moisturizer. Fall/winter means dry skin, and dry skin means patchy application! A great product for this is actually my roommate's recommendation. She was breaking out too, and finally found a moisturizer that both replenishes the moisture and provides a matte base for makeup - Lush's Magical Moringa Facial Moisturizer. I've heard a LOT of good stuff about Lush's moisturizers (SO upset that they don't sell the Million Dollar one here), and I think I've slowly been making a switch to more naturally charged skincare with more active ingredients. Check out Belif's The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb too - amazing for priming and moisturizing, especially if you want a more dewy look.

And lastly - mask yo face. I've spoken about how much I love mud-masks as they really work for my skin type all year round. They're super detoxifying and pull out all the gunk from my pores. This one I got ages ago from Amazon from Liora Skin, but masks that work for you really help normalize your skin during the transition. Also, don't be afraid to mix masks on different areas of your face!

2. Hair
Colder weather, for some reason, gives me hair fall issues. Every time I shampoo, I cry. I've been looking into home remedies - ginger root, coconut oil and the rest - and I'm waiting on results. But this conditioner has made my hair really nourished and moisturized. I have oily roots but dry ends, so I have to often mix up shampoo+conditioner systems (#rebel). This OGX Hydrate and Defrizz Kukui Oil Conditioner has really been helping me out in the frizz department.

3. Scent
Fall always means a switch up for scent. But this season, I'm still loving this Sel Ocean scent that I picked up at Urban Outfitters. It smells like the ocean. I cannot explain it any other way. It's light, sweet but also a bit powdery. The silage isn't as good as a higher end perfume, but I don't mind reapplying it through the day.

4. Makeup
Dark Lipstick is my favorite thing in the world. I used to be terrified of applying lipstick when I was younger, and for some reason, the first lipstick I bought was this deep, cherry red. I used to spend 20 minutes getting it evenly on, but now I have a motion down (tip, use liner if you're note confident). Milani lipsticks are something I've raved about for AGES. You cannot beat their price points (around $5-7 depending on where you get them) and the shades are great for darker skin like mine. These two - Matte Love and Black Cherry have been staples in my makeup bag for almost a year now. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to foray into darker lipstick options but don't want to drop $21 immediately on a MAC lipstick (although, the moment I get my first paycheck, that is 10/10 happening).

Another thing to keep in your makeup bag over the colder months is highlight. Glow isn't just for the summer, people. When your skin gets paler and your makeup gets matter, keep some highlighter in to add some light and dimension. This one is from Elf (Gotta Glow) and it is amazing - A great dupe for Nars Albatross.

That concludes my extremely wordy blogpost - Happy October everyone!

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I had no idea LUSH did moisturiser


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