Look sharp, wear flats.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have moved to NYC. Anyone who lives in the city, or knows what it's like, knows that unless you're fancy enough to have a town car or your own car, the subway is the most economical and quick way to get around.

However, unless you're superbly lucky, chances are, the subway isn't going to spit you out right below your office building. So this means you've got walking to do.

I've been here a week and a half, and I can count the number of people I have seen wear heels on one hand. Everyone else just walks around in flats. The thing is, whether you're working or in school, you want to be able to tie your outfit together with nice shoes. Heels are the easiest way to look put together, but if you've got a long way to walk or simply do not get on with heels, I suggest looking for some nice flat options.

This is a little capsule shoe-drobe, if you will. The easiest way to look professional and wear flats is to gravitate to a ballerina style shoe. They're extremely easy to style, but I feel like you can get stuck in a rut by only buying them, even if they're in different colors. So here is what I like to wear to ensure my footsies are comfies.

I've been on the hunt for brown flats for almost two years now. I wanted something durable, but still chic. These fit the bill perfectly. They're also extremely versatile; I wear them with just about anything. I also love the metallic detailing between the joints.

These were an absolute bargain from Jabong. I wanted a pair of dressy work shoes that weren't ballet flats. Moccasins are a brilliant alternative. These are from Carlton London, which are a great brand for work shoes.

I am throwing in a pair of ballet flats, but these aren't your traditional ones. There's been this huge cat flats trend, and I found these in Westside. I THINK they're pigs, but I'm not entirely sure. They're probably the most comfortable pairs of shoes that I own.

And these are my babies. My blue suede brogues from Forever 21. I would definitely recommend buying a pair of casual brogues if you're on the fence with the sneaker trend, but still want something heavier than sandals. You can get them in a more neutral color if you're into that, but you'll find that they open up your wardrobe to a whole new dimension!

What kinds of shoes do you guys like to wear?

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