Leaving on a Jetplane: Tips for the Long Haul

As I pack away my life into 23+23+23+10, the day approaches where I have to sit, with no transit time whatsoever, on a 17 hour non stop flight.
I find it hard to sit in one place for more than 20 minutes, so this should be interesting.
Thankfully, I travel well, so there's no fear of flying or air sickness I have to worry about. Just plain boredom.

But, out of all the flights I've ever taken, this is definitely going to be up there as the longest long haul flight. (so far)

So for all of you flying to wherever for your masters this month or the next, especially if you're travelling alone for the first time, here are some tips to survive the ride and have some nice pamper time while you're at it. Some of these tips maybe ridiculously obvious, but I thought I'd put them down anyway.

BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE. Set your watch to your destination's local time. Forget about your home time. Sleep/eat/poop on the new time zone.

1. Pack a pair of leggings or even pjs to change into. There is nothing more uncomfortable than trying to get into a sleeping position pretzel in jeans.

2. Wear slip ons, not sports shoes. Not only will you avoid looking like the stereotypical 'tourist aunty/uncle' it's also so easy to take off, and isn't bulky. Carry a pair of fuzzy socks and wear them on the plane instead. Before you do this, put some Vaseline or heavy cream on your feet. When you take your socks off, your feet won't be shrivelly and dehydrated.

3. Carry a heavy face cream and a night serum if you're that keen. Wash your face at least twice. This will keep you clean and moisturized.

4. Chapstick is your best friend. Plane air does weird stuff to your lips, and it's natural to keep licking them to keep them moist. That is really bad for you, because the saliva is corrosive and will give you blisters. All this can be solved with chapstick.

5. Bring a toothbrush/paste. Most planes will provide you with a set anyway. No one wants dragon breath once you step off the plane. The people that are picking you up may leave you at the airport.

6. Layer your clothes. I'm flying from Chennai, so I'm pretty sure it'll be ten million degrees. Go to the airport in a tee, carry your hoodie/sweater. I will be wearing a sweater on the plane and maybe even a huge shawl over that cause I don't get along with plane temperature drops. It gets effing freezing sometimes.

7. KEEP. DRINKING. WATER. Your skin will hate you, otherwise.

8. Remember to get up and move around or you'll get pins and needles.

9. Carry some makeup in your carry on. Put it on before you land. You may feel like death, but at least you wont look it. Tinted moisturiser, concealer, lipstick on your lips and a bit on your cheeks for color. Mascara and liner for people like me who cannot step out without it. Put on some jewelry. I always put my glasses on so I can fool immigration into thinking I slept at all the right times and am totally ready for day 1 in their country.

10. Do a mental checklist of all the stuff you took with you on the flight. I really tend to spread my belongings around my seat and that pouch in front, so I do a thorough check a good 45 minutes before landing.

Also pro adult tip - Photocopy every single document you own and put a copy in EVERY suitcase. Also label your luggage. Because some carriers are irresponsible with luggage and deliver them late - British Airways, I'm looking at you.

I cannot guarantee that you will look like Kendall Jenner, but at least you won't look like the Cookie Monster.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great flight and good luck with your courses!

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