A bit of Sale shopping

Circumstances have led me to require new clothes for my wardrobe. And when there's a sale. I use any excuse I can to acquire clothing (in this case, moving out).

I'm really trying to build a good capsule wardrobe, and these five items honestly check off some of the boxes that have been left empty for years!

Let me share/enable some of you #spreadtheguilt.

1. Black sweater - MANGO (890 INR)
    Mango on sale is heaven. It is one of the only stores that actually stocks my size, and is brilliant for workwear. I've been on the lookout for a lightweight black sweater to throw over things for ages. Everything I seem to find is either really questionable quality, or has some absurd embellishment/graphic situation going on. But this one is perfect.

2. Jeans - Vibe - (1529 INR)
    Finding a pair of jeans that aren't hideously expensive and fit me well is quite a challenge. I've been slightly obsessed with this brand called Vibe. The wash and fit of their jeans is amazing. They're also super soft and last ages. Would definitely recommend the petite ladies of the world to check them out. They retail at Shopper's Stop, as far as I know. But I'm sure they're at other places too!

3. Purple lacy bra - Loveable (Zivame) (500 INR)
    I have been on the hunt for a lacy bra like this one to wear with low armhole tops for ages. It's also ridiculously comfortable.

4. Maroon top - Insense - (450 INR)
    This was on sale. And it looked nice. And my friend made me buy it - YOU KNOW WHO YOU    ARE.

5. Black high waist treggings - MANGO (1290 INR)
  Another wardrobe gap that I had to fill. I have quite a few cropped tops and I think this is a brilliant basic to have, anyway. Fits like a dream.

6. Black Moccasins - Carlton London (1248 INR)
    Whenever I put on a smart/work outfit, I feel like I'm really lacking work shoes. I really cannot be bothered to wear heels on a day to day basis, so I wanted some slightly dressy moccasins that I can slip on and feel really put together. Plus Jabong was on sale...

Happy sale shopping!

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