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Till I turned 19, I was a face-wash and moisturizer girl. I (touch wood) never really dealt with acne or break outs. Sure, I had the oil build ups and the big fat zits that would grace my face during school and college. But I think having eczema most of my adult life really got me into 'grown up' skincare a little earlier than most girls did. Lengthy consultations with dermatologists and loads of internet research taught me that the skin on our face is so different from the rest of our body and requires that much more care. And when my 19th birthday rolled around, I decided to build a simple beauty regimen for my face.

Also, your face goes through 'skin cycles' which change every 7-10 years. From a pretty oily faced person in middle school, it went pretty dry during college, and now it's transitioning to combination. But it's been (dare I say it) pretty well behaved over the past couple of years. And I've been giving it a simple, yet strict regimen in terms of what I do, even if I switch up products along the way.

Here is what I learned along the way. And I think because of the regimen, I am cautiously enjoying skin on my face that behaves. Most days.

*Disclaimer* I am not a dermatologist in disguise. This is just what I've been doing and it has worked for me :P

1. Know your skin. Go to a dermatologist. Or a friend that is skincare savvy. Or the interwebz.
The first step to being able to build a skin care routine revolves around knowing your skin type. Don't be afraid to ask around!

2. Remove makeup before bed. Always. 
Even if it is mascara and kajal/liner. Take a cotton pad and baby oil and take it off, even if you don't have makeup remover. Sleeping with chemicals in and around your eye is toxic.

3. Use a cleanser every night.
 A cleanser is an essential step that I have forced into my routine post 19. Face-wash is sometimes not enough. You need to go in and cleanse your pores to remove any impurities. If you use a night     cream after this, and haven't cleansed, you're essentially locking in all those pollutants, oils and impurities in your skin for the night.

4. Find a facewash that is right for YOUR skin
There are a gazillion face washes on the market these days. And some of the budget ones do a          
brilliant job, rivaling the more pricey buys. Don't go for the prettiest bottle, or the nicest smelling liquid (guilty as charged). A lot of face washes have active natural ingredients that really target the   problem spots on your skin. Make sure you do your research! And don't be afraid to invest in a good one.

5. Exfoliate
Thrice a week, exfoliate. It'll help circulation and take off the dead skin that your face-wash wont.

6. Take the time to do masks (natural home DIY ones or store-bought) once a week
Always, always make time for yourself. Maybe on a weekend, or a midweek session. To pamper yourself and indulge in some extra skin-care time. There are loads of really fun face masks you can   make at home. Invite some girlfriends, rope in your boyfriend, get your mum involved! It's fun, I swear.

7. Invest in a good, basic day cream with SPF
Day cream for you ladies is a must. Sure, when we were younger, slapping on whatever moisturizer we used (if at all) on our bodies on our faces was acceptable but A day cream is lighter in formula, most target imperfections and brighten your complexion. And SPF. Always.

8. Sleep and hydration, people.
I am not the poster girl for either of these things. My college schedule was probably the most   demanding thing I have ever gone through, and sleep was a luxury. And I know, that that isn't something that we can control sometimes. But try and get a good night's sleep when you can. That next PLL/GOT episode can wait till tomorrow. And I thought the whole hydration thing was a myth. Till I realized just how much of a difference it makes. Water flushes out your system and keeps it nice and hydrated. Trust me. Set a reminder on your phone. Get a tattoo. Get that app. Hydrate.

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