Eye-Conic Checklist

I know, I know the whole Eye-conic pun has been made before but meh :P

Since I turned thirteen, I don't think I've ever fallen out of love with eye make up. Started with that stick of kajal we all used to have at the bottom of our schoolbags, and as I got older, the liner came along and with it, mascara.

I swear, if I lost almost everything in my make up bag, and the only thing I had left was the kajal and maybe liner, I'd be totally okay with that.
Eye make up, when applied correctly can trick people into thinking you're awake/give a shit.
How do you think I got through college juries?

Now, at 22, I don't think anything has changed in terms of what I do to my face when I go out.
It's all about the eyes, people.

But what I would like to focus on in this post is that I think that I have found the perfect set of holy-grail products that make up my eye routine. I've probably used more brands of kajal/liner/mascara than I can even remember. But this, this set I am happy with.

And I'd like to share. So here are four steps to hooker worthy  smouldering peepers!

1. Colossal Kajal
 Everyone owns this, or has owned this at some point in life. It gets over far too fast but whatever. We still buy it. I have tried that Kajal Magique business and the Eyeconic but I found both way too...hard? This one is creamy, I can use it to smoke out eyeshadow if I want and it DOESN'T MOVE. I can cry my eyes out over The Fault in our Stars and it'll stay put.

2. Revlon Color Stay Liquid Liner in Black Beauty with Flocked Tip I Don't Even Know What That Means
Even though the name makes me reminiscent of sheep, I am really happy with this recent find. Its 'flocked tip' (I Googled, it means it's pointy) is conducive to winged eyeliner which I love. You don't get the super sharp flick that you'd get with the brush applicators, but I'm okay with that. (Sometimes. I put the Lakme Instaliner wand in this formula. So I can get a sharper wing. As you can see, I like to live on the edge.)

3. Eyelash curler
I cannot tell you. How much of a difference. This step makes. Using an eyelash curler makes your lashes look like falsies. I swear. I don't use the curler if I'm going to say, a friends house. But on a night out, definitely. I bought this one in Thailand like, three years ago. There are some really good brands on the market, I suggest you take a look.

4. Loreal Volume Million Lashes in Extra Black
I love this mascara. To death. If they ever stop making this, I'd go into mourning.
The wand is huge. And a couple of coats of this and BAM. Your lashes touch your eyebrows (I'm not joking. With this on, my lashes leave mascara flicks on my glasses). It lives up to it's name, really does give you x-factor million lashes.

So that concludes my gushing.
I'm so happy with these products that I have, they really work for me and I don't think I'd be changing them anytime soon.

Happy Sunday!

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