Monthly Grocery List

Every month, I see myself repurchasing these bare necessities. Call them my holy grail products if you will (the less glamorous kind), but I thought I'd share a few of my favorite monthly beauty buys that always end in my shopping basket.

The Loreal Paris Total Repair 5 is my go to hair serum. I've tried LOADS over the years - even your fancy hairdresser-only ones. And this works with my hair the best. It doesn't weigh it down and I can feel my hair getting softer because of this.

I've used Nivea Creme for as long as I can remember. My eczema requires me to really slather on the moisture sometimes and this REALLY stays for hours. Although the product is a bit thick, once you work with it, it does wonders for dry skin.

The Nivea Antiperspirant Pearl and Beauty has me sniffing myself all day (#nojudgement). It isn't drying or flakey or gooey, like some roll ons are. And boy, does it last. I've tried a lot of roll ons (I stopped using spray ons a while ago) and this one takes the cake. One of these can last me up to three months. The only drawback with this is that it is a glass bottle after all, so I get a teeny bit scared travelling with it.

I have done a rave review of the Loreal Paris Skin Perfect 20+. It has made my skin SO even toned, I hardly get zits anymore (touchwoodtouchwoodtouchwood) and any patchiness has totally vanished. I've been using this constantly for the past two months now and I will keep using it till I need the 30+. Which marks the beginning of my slow decline into old age.

The Garnier Purifying Neem Active Facewash is every oily faced girl's dream. It gently takes off that layer of oil buildup and doesn't dry your skin out. And continued use takes off any scarring/pimple marks that you would've acquired because YOU POPPED THE DAMN PIMPLE WHEN YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO LEAVE IT ALONE.

So, these are my go-to, absolutely cannot live with out products that I will petition to the company for if they discontinue it.

I'm currently nursing a very bad throat so I look like death. Hence, I refuse to put my face on the blog till I don't look like I've been through the mill.
Thank you for understanding.

Happy (to the people in Chennai) gloomy weather day!
- A

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