The Perfect Push-up

I've been on the hunt for a do-it-all push up bra for a while now. They make such a huge difference when you're wearing form fitting clothing, and for people as tiny as me - give me a little bit of help in the boobage department. Sigh. Such is life.

So when Zivame sent me their Penny Luster Level 2 Push Up Best Tee Bra in Sinberry*, I was doing a happy dance around my room. 
Look at how it came packaged. I felt so loved. They do SUCH a brilliant job of making lingerie feel all luxurious and special - as it should be!

So, after I ripped off the adorable wrapping paper, I found this really nice sturdy box. I've ordered lingerie online before, and it always comes in these flimsy little cardboard boxes. Zivame package it up in a huge cardboard box for you so nothing gets squished, because hey, they're called delicates for a reason!

So let's get into it. Push up bras can be a real struggle because I've seen some which literally elevate the boobage to somewhere around your eye level and well, unless that's what you're going for, it can be a little too much. Not to mention overly tight and painful. The Penny Bra has what they call a Level Two push up with underwire for support and some light padding. It also has a 3/4th cup which is great, cause a demi cup would basically be super useless as you're going to have half your boobs hanging out. I think this a brilliant foundation bra for me personally, cause some of my dresses and tops do require some extra form-fittingness as I am pretty darn skinny. 

It fits me like a dream. The push-up aspect is just the right amount without being excessive. The straps are really soft, so they don't dig into my skin. And I really like that they're a 3/4th cup rather than a semi or a demi cup. I also LOVE the color, but I would definitely be buying one of these in a black and a nude soon. 

I haven't washed it yet, but their instructions say specifically to handwash. Ladies, don't go throwing your padded bras in the machine, for that matter, because they COMPLETELY lose their shape. And they'll start gaping after a few washes. I'm hoping this one continues to fit well even post-wash.

You can shop for it here: At 945 INR (It is now 851 INR on sale!), I think it's a brilliant buy for what it is. 

To have some fun, I wanted to show you guys how I'd wear it. I think this bra is SO fun, especially for the summer. I got such happy, beachy vibes from it.

Thank you to the lovely people at Zivame for letting me be a part of this!

* This product was sent to me by Zivame for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed in this post are solely my own.

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