The Maxi Dress Fix for Petite Girls

As I sit up, watching Korean cooking videos, I reminisce to a time where my life wasn't always baggy tees, shorts and huge cups of tea, in the comfort of my bed. Don't get me wrong, I love it. It's like a huge holiday from adult life, with some freelancing thrown in, before I kick it back in to first gear. 

But once upon a time, when I was fun and shit, I realized that I wanted a maxi dress. My best friend's wedding was coming up, and I had ALWAYS wanted one. So I thought hey, perfect occasion! I'm short. Very short. Like 5"2 short. So I was scared that maxi dresses would make me look even smaller. Or worse, like a child playing dress-up. My nickname given to me by my wonderful best friend is Tiny, for god's sake. He isn't even that much taller than I am...

But when I started trying on styles in stores, it wasn't that bad. Once I popped a pair of heels on, I felt taller. I realized it was just trick of the eye stuff. 

Longer lines that hug your body make the eye feel like you're taller and slimmer. Someone looking at you wouldn't think that you're as petite as you are. Because there's so much fabric length for the eye to take in, you can cheat and distract people from your actual height.

I adore this red number I got at Splash in Bangalore for 2500 INR (original price was 5000 but it was on sale. It was a sign from God.) It's a halter neck, with some slight pleated detail on the front. I ADORE the fall. The material is this drapey synthetic knit, so the weight makes it flow really nicely. It's an XS, and  it's a teeny bit loose at the back but it hangs really nicely on my body without the occasional aunty asking me if 'Beta, don't you eat?'. Like woman, I can demolish a medium pizza, a large coke and fries and ask for dessert. It's just metabolism. 

So girls from the 4'10 - 5'3 range who wanna wear something different for your next formal event? Try a maxi. It will change your life.
Thank you to Shrutilaya for taking these shots. I'm going to slyly insert her blog here so you guys can check her out.

Happy Wednesday!

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