New Hair + Viva Glam Moment

Two major life-changing things happened this week.
One. I cut my hair after a year.
Two. I discovered the perfect everyday lipstick.

Well, it's not as dramatic as all that, but for someone who thought a light pink would be the perfect everyday color (I have tried and failed to find this perfect everyday light pink) - when I came across
this lipstick in my mum's makeup stash I was like meh, mom color. Then I tried it on. Now she keeps it under lock and key.

MAC describes it as a 'foxy brown plum lipstick'. And I think that's pretty accurate. It's got this brickish, neutral thing going on with a hint of a deeper red. And the best part about this lipstick is that you can really play with the intensity. I'm wearing one coat here (blotted) so it stains out to this really nice brickish wash. Almost a MLBB moment.


And of course, if you want to go more intense, a couple of coats gives you this gorgeously stunning lip that you can pair up with a nice bronzey makeup look.
I'm wearing a hint of golden eyeshadow from that trust Wet'N'Wild Comfort palette and a liner/mascara situation. Another point to note here is being a girl that has been shoving kajal under her eye since she was 12, this whole transition to upper lid make up only is a big step. And I'm kinda liking it.

And the hair. This is the first time in almost 8 years that it's been completely black and free of some form of hair color. I don't think it's even been this healthy. I'm growing it out so I chopped the dead bits off in this kind of blunt lob situation. And the best part? I CAN STILL TIE IT UP.

- A


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