Work It: Internship Lookbook

I'm sure a lot of you (especially juniors from my college) are interning this year in various parts of the country/world. And I think, in a lot of offices, there is a more relaxed outlook on what 'workwear' really is. 
When I was interning and later on, working, I felt like I had a lot of freedom in terms of the way I could dress. Granted, I work in fashion, so they're pretty lax about rules in terms of dress. 
But I do know that on the days where I dressed sharp, I felt more awake, more productive and more professional. And that is what a good outfit can do for you.

I know a lot of you will still have to follow some sort of semi-formal dress code, so maybe only a couple of these ideas are good to go for you. But this is the kind of stuff I loved wearing to work. It's easy to put together, comfortable for the whole day, and makes you look like you actually know what you're talking about. I'm not a person that can wear a skirt that hits below the knee because I prefer my minis. So  I end up wearing dresses instead. Sigh. Short people problems. I hope you guys get some inspiration in terms of what to wear during your internships or your new jobs!

I adore this dress. It's from Mast and Harbor, Myntra's in-house brand. A simple a-line dress with a nice little skinny belt that came with it. The fabric is super soft, and for the price, the dress is amazing quality.

You can't go wrong with a nice shirt. This light blue striped number from Chemistry is so lightweight and delicate. I am not a fan of those super heavy cotton shirts that Van Huesen sometimes do. So I tend to look at lighter cottons, they're a lot more flattering on my figure and easier on my skin. I've paired them with these cropped navy trousers from Mango who I want to give a HUGE shoutout to - they do the BEST formal trousers and pants, especially for petite sizes.

 I love blazer days. Makes me feel all professional and shit. I picked this up in Delhi a year ago, for some throwaway price. And I adore it. Paired it with a printed top to make this look a little more semi formal and fun and them blue trousers again. 

Finally, this jersey skater dress from DressBerry (another Myntra in-house brand). I am obsessed with this dress. It's so easy to wear, and so drapey. This is for those days where you really don't want to wear an a-line, maybe it's Friday and you want to go out with you friends after - throw on a pair of heels and a nice necklace with this and you're good to go!
I hope this has given you guys some sort of inspiration for what to wear. I realize that I tend to veer to wearing blues to work (I have no idea why). Of course, you guys can wear neon pink if that suits your fancy. You don't need to stick to your safe 'formal shirt-formal skirt/pant' combination - have fun with it! And make sure you're comfortable, cause you're going to be in these clothes all day.

Good luck with your internships/jobs!

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