More Summer Staples: Keep it Light

I find myself going with the whole 'less is more' concept during the summer. I mean yeah, I love wearing pops of color (OCCASIONALLY). I don't know if it's a placebo thing, but I feel myself wearing dantier jewelry, nuder nailpolish, lighter perfumes and floatier scarves. I think I trick myself into believing that the less shit I put on myself, the less heat I will feel.
And it works!

Here are some lovely products that I'm sure you can get a hold of, and if not, anything similar works too!

So the scarf that is playing background is this lovely sheer one from Delhi which cost me all of 70 INR. It has some fancy label attached to it also. Export reject WIN. I love dark florals for summer, so this had to come home with me. Whenever I wear a tank, this usually goes over it. I need to find more of these.

I love this delicate art-deco-ish number from Forever New. I somehow CANNOT do chunky statement pieces during the summer months, so this does a great job of dressing an outfit up. I usually pair it with this midi ring from Forever 21.

Lovely, light fragrances. The Lychee Blossom Body mist from the Body Shop  is for those days where I want something refreshingly cool - it has a permanent place at the bottom of my bag (thank you to Dipali who got me this for my last birthday :D). The Aqua Lily Eau De Toilette (Discontinued)  is what I use as my 'going out' perfume during the summer. I simply cannot do those heavy, sweet scents that I enjoy during the cooler (cooler being 39 degrees) months. Very sophisticated, and boy, does it linger.

Best. Nude. Ever. Revlon nailpolish in the shade 011 Sheer Rose. Suits my skin tone. And it just is WONDERFUL when you want something clear, but with a hint of color. 

So there we have it. A few summer bits I've been loving over the past week of this lovely Agni Nakshatram that the universe has blessed us with. Stay hydrated!

- A

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