Black for Summer

When I see all these videos and posts about people doing 'Summer Shopping sprees' to add 'color to their wardrobes'. I die inside. Because:
1. I cannot afford to change up my wardrobe every six months because budget.
2. I do buy a few colorful pieces but not enough to really make a dent on all the black that I find far more sensible to buy.

So, to all of you who still want to wear black this summer, in the Chennai heat, because you're as loony as I am, I hope this helps you to style up some of those darks in ways that are bearable and will not make you feel like a broiler chicken. The key here is to make sure you choose light, breathable fabrics which do not require you to wear a black cami inside. If you can get away with just a bra or a bandeau - do it.

The mesh trend was so big last year - I think it's a brilliant way to play a little hide and seek and get away with no cami.

Who said you can't wear an LBD for the summer? Keep it loose, keep it airy. I think this dress is super versatile, and God is it breathable. Works for a night out, or hell, even a beach barbecue outdoors.

A sleeveless button down can be turned into a tie-up top for those days where you want your midriff getting some respite. I used to wear this top to work a lot, and now that I am completely unemployed, I tie it up and prance around town instead. My parents are so proud.

Lace inserts are another great way to keep things light. I love how this shows off your chest-but-not-really.  The material is great, and again, is opaque enough for the whole no cami situation. Another work top that I've converted for the summer. It's actually pretty formal, but tucked into these shorts, I feel like it really gives off that dressy-casual vibe.

So fear not, wearers of black. With a little restyling, you don't need to pull out pastels and corals this summer if you don't want to!
- A

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