I’m fortunate enough to have male friends who let me play dress up with them. I have gone shopping with more of them than I have with my girl friends.

And what I’ve noticed is that very few of them know:
1.       What is on trend
2.       What actually looks good
3.       What looks like s***
4.       90s revival isn’t an excuse to be wearing what you wore when you were 14 because you can’t be bothered to shop

And many, many more.

So I decided to make a list. As usual.

And boys seriously, take note. This will change your life. And you won’t have to drag your mom shopping (she DOESN’T enjoy it.)

1.       Shirts have different fits – slim, extra slim, medium, regular, traditional . So telling me your size is 38 doesn’t really mean much. You need to look into what kind of fit suits you.
2.       Perfume is mandatory. I do not need another rant.
3.       Graphic tees are acceptable. But stay away from low quality rubber print options that peel off like nail varnish after one wash.
4.       Don’t be afraid to wear colors other than blue or black. Pastels are a good alternative for wardrobe expansion if you’re looking at formal/semi formal shirts.
5.       Pink is manly. It’s the new white.
6.       Stop buying stone washed jeans.
7.       Please.
8.       Your jeans should fit one leg properly, not have room for another.
9.       If the hem is ripped, throw it away.
10.   Invest in pieces like a waffle knit sweater or a v-neck to layer up looks
11.   Stop running to your dad for every tie, cufflink or formal shoe need. It’s time you built your own collection
12.   Stop saying you don’t care. It isn’t cool. People will not take you seriously as you get older. Effortless style takes skill and effortless does not mean LACK OF IT.
13.   Buy a grown up boy belt. That one with the car print? NO. Get one formal and one informal.
14.   Chappals cannot be worn with everything.
15.   Invest in a blazer from Zara or a similar brand if you don’t want to buy a suit. Make sure it fits you well. You can throw it on during interviews and look like you know your shit.
16. If you Reddit, go on MFA. Or for some styling options.
17. Don't be scared to take a few risks. 


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