12 essentials for your grown-up wardrobe

This post is dedicated to my cousin who gave me the idea.
I claim no credit. :P

Okay. So I moved out of home…yesterday? And when I was packing, I realised that I have some semblance of a big girl wardrobe. It is by no means done, but there are a lot of staples I feel will really fit into my post-22-working-girl set of clothes. They’re a lot of basics, which multitask and can be used with a wide variety of looks, no matter what your style spirit animal is.
If any of you are making the transition from college to work, I think this list will help you.

1.       A Blazer
I’m an extremely small person, so most blazers drown me – especially with the shoulderpads. I found this gem in Delhi on the streets. It’s cropped, and it fits like a dream. I throw it on whenever I want to fool people into thinking I have my life together. Works every time.

2.       A well fitting black tank
A MUST HAVE. It goes under tops, sheer shirts, blazers, cardigans and with skirts, jeans, trousers…it’s endless. Invest in a couple.

3.       A silk or silk imitation non-iron blouse
This is a lifesaver for when you’ve got an impromptu meeting and nothing to wear. Very low maintenance, looks extremely chic.

4.       A transition blouse or top
On those days where you know you’re going to be going out after work, this top does the job. Still fits in with the semi-formal work restrictions and can be styled up with some jewellery and darker makeup for the evening.

5.       Black pants
Goes with everything. Be it work or play. Get something stretchy so you can show off them legs.

6.       A printed skirt
An alternative to a dress for an evening/night out. Not exactly work appropriate (mine isn’t, purely because of the length) but can be worn with a multitude of tops and you can dress it up or down as per your liking.

7.       Bandeau bra
This is a lifesaver for those sheer/low armhole tops when you don’t want to wear a slip, but you still want to cover up your chest business.

8.       Kurti
The best option for those days where you want to look like you made an effort but you really didn’t. A nice kurti can do wonders when you’re over the whole formal wear situation and want something a little different.  Slap on some kohl, put on some nice dangly earrings and you’re good to go.

9.       A nice statement necklace
Always have a couple handy to add some drama to your outfit. Keep a couple in your bag/workplace to throw on when you need to go out.

10.   Nice perfume
It’s just right of passage to have your own ‘smell’ when you get older. Invest in a nice perfume that becomes your signature scent.

11.   Grown up watch
I know. We all have cellphones that tell us the time. But a watch is irreplaceable. There’s something really nice about wearing a watch on your wrist. I tend to look at that more than my phone these days.

12.   Pair of black heels
Invest in a pair of nice heels that you can wear to work (yes, work) and still wear with LBDS/LSDS/LRDS. Makes you feel like a million bucks.

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