The Inappropriate Fall Color

Anyone that knows me knows that I think a good, strong berry lip is life. And during the fall, even more so. But I've discovered a color that although has nothing to do with the festive season, has been sneakily finding its way onto my face.

Lilac. I've been obsessed with two products in particular, one of them which got me started on this bandwagon. I know that purple works with my coloring well, and I was wondering, what if I went lighter? Would it still work?

And I'm happy to report that it did! The nailpolish pictured above, NYC's Lexington Lilac (how apropos seeing that I go to school off Lex) has been on my nails for the past week. I've bought NYC's nailpolishes before and I've been absolutely stunned at the quality, for the price. It's a whopping 99c and it DOES NOT BUDGE. I put a Wet'N'Wild top coat over it and it has not chipped or faded in any way. It's a nice alternative to the reds, maroons and berries that are on everyone's fingers this season. I do recommend checking out their polishes, they're amazing!

Then I quickly decided I needed to lilac myself out. I went to the Wet'N'Wild section and I've always been a fan of their matte lipsticks. Again, I'm amazed how they can deliver such quality lipsticks at that price point. I picked up the shade Ravin' Raisin and I adore it. It's the perfect everyday neutral, with a hint of lilac thrown in. The formulation is insanely creamy and although I do have to reapply it during the day, I don't mind it.

Although I will always remain loyal to my vampy berry shades, I know I'll be wearing a sneaky bit of lilac this fall too. And these two drugstore brands never fail to disappoint!

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