Fall Goodwill Pieces

I went to Goodwill today to drop off some clothes and other knick-knacks that have no place in my shoebox home anymore, and I decided to browse around and look at the sweaters and coats to see if there was anything worthwhile for fall. I LOVE buying winter stuff from Goodwill because the pieces are so...different? In stores, at least the ones that are on the typical fashion cycle, have pretty similarly cut clothes. And I'm always on the lookout for something a little bit different. And that I don't have to spend pre-fall prices on because well, unemployed.

And I think I had a VERY good day.

I am completely aware that it is too hot to wear any of this except the last dress, but hey. Just getting ahead.

1. Eddie Bauer Sweater - $5.49
The first thing I found was a long sweater-hoodie hybrid. It is extremely cozy and has a detachable fur lining on the hood. I would wear this out or even around the house - it's the perfect sweater for when you want to look a little bit put together but not put in much effort. And I think it would fare well even as outerwear till the end of this year - till the snow comes in, that is. Factoring in Eddie Bauer as performance wear cold weather, I'm hoping that it does it's job.

2. ABG sweater dress - $5.49
This baby still had the original tag on. It's in an XL, but works so well as a slouchy sweater dress. It looks oversized on me but hangs nicely. I love the leather detail on the sagging pockets. I'm sure I'll get loads of wear out of this. I'm also on the hunt for a pair of thigh-high boots, so paired with this, I think it'd both keep me warm and look like I tried at life, too.

3. Giacca coat - $6.79
This bomber styled quilted jacket is EVERYTHING. I've been on the hunt for a khaki coat, but I had enough jackets last season, so this was a welcome change to that line-up. It is ridiculously warm, and the (faux) fur detail gives it a nice touch. It also keeps me warm without making me look like I'm in my third term and about to pop.

4. Diane Von Furstenburg slip dress - $4.99
Need I say more. This silk (yes!) slip dress feels amazing on the skin, and I've worn it NON STOP. As a dress both belted and without and as a top tucked into shorts. It's so versatile and I think I can even get away layering it for the fall.

Like I said, the Goodwill Gods were definitely on my side today and I think for the prices, I snagged some insanely good deals. Now for the next haul...

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