It's getting hot in here...

Summer hit me like a train in the city. Don't get me wrong, I love that it's warmer but oh my, is it hot. But being from Chennai I was like, how bad CAN it get?
It can get bad.

I was naive enough to think that I didn't need sunscreen last summer (and that was in August), and then had my first ever sunburn. This year, I learned nothing, apparently, and am currently nursing dry patches on my forehead on nose (Calamine lotion and Aloe vera gel helps). But then I realized that it was time to cater to summer skincare needs.

So these 5 things are what I use pretty much every day to keep my face/body in check.

1.  Olay Complete all day moisture cream for Normal Skin

What's in a name? In this one, a lot, apparently. Facial SPF is very important - the sun is brutal, especially if you live in a place where the UV index is high. When we were kids, we all put body sunscreen on our face cause YOLO, but now that age has caught up with me (sigh), I realized I needed facial SPF. There are SO MANY on the market, but cause my skin is the happiest (relatively, I have eczema) in the summer, my face tends to be a bit combination but mostly normal. I put this on in the morning every day, under my makeup. It's light, not oily at all, and I do feel like it moisturizes my face after I exfoliate. And it acts as a primer.
P.S Get it at CVS - it's ~$8. You'll save a couple bucks cause it's $12 at Duane Reade.

2. Walgreens Clear Zinc Sunscreen (SPF 50)

To be honest I picked this up on a whim cause I didn't want to splash out on a fancy sunscreen. And it said clear zinc (this basically means that it doesn't leave that hideous streaky white stain behind). I mean, I guess it seems to be working on my body cause I don't seem to have peeled/burned even on the hottest days! Store brand but what a winner.

3. The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil - Miracle Solid oil for body and hair

This is probably my favorite of the lot. So it's basically this really hard solid that warms up to your fingers and you can slap on. I get dry knees/legs and I throw this in my bag and take it to work. Sometimes, a heavy cream won't do, and I hate petroleum jelly in the summer. It has a light scent, nothing too unpleasant. And as for hair - when I've JUST washed my hair, it tends to be really soft with no body. this gives it a bit of texture and hold. Also great as a cuticle rescue oil!

4. Burt's Bees Cleansing oil

It's the typical massage in, wet your hands, it turns milky, wash off situation. It's great even with lipstick/mascara and my face doesn't feel stripped. I use it morning and night - I do double cleanse at night though, and follow up with another soap based cleanser.
Another reason I love this during the warmer months is that because it doesn't strip your skin, you don't need to compensate with a heavy moisturizer, which makes me feel like an oily mess.

I will say, close your eyes, it stings a little. It's great for the summer cause it leaves your face feeling really moisturized and dewy in the morning - I feel like it really makes a difference with my makeup.

5. Lip Ice Sheer Color

This is a dupe. An actual dupe for the Dior Lip glow. Adjusts to the pH/Temperature/I don't know what of your skin and leaves it so smooth. And those days where it's too hot to wear makeup or even lipstick - this is my go-to. The best part about this is, it's my new favorite lipbalm and it was discovered by my best friends husband! Thankfully it is available on the Amazon US site, or I'd have to fly to Malaysia to restock...#thankyouImran

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