DIY: Heel Resurrection AKA My Battle with a Glue Gun

I've been seeing studded heels everywhere and I think they're the easiest way to add a little rock'n'roll to an old pair of shoes that have seen better days.
So I brought out the old glue-gun (yes, it is pink) and decided to use up some of my leftover studs from my design collection.

This is great for those shoes in which a bow or a little detail has fallen off. You can't replace it so you may as well rip the other one off and cover it all up with studs :P
(Mine had a ginormous bow on the front that fell off the left heel)

You will need :

  • 1 woebegone pair of shoes that have seen better days 
  • A gluegun or very strong adhesive from a hardware store (no fabric glue or fevibond please, these are shoes, and it'll come right off)
  • Studs (I got mine from a place in Perimet - people who want to stud up their jeans or bags or shoes or whatever, go explore that place. It has everything. Studs, spikes, rivets, chains and buckles)

I feel like instructions for this are laughable/redundant and would be insulting my readers intelligence  but here are a few tips :

  • Start by cleaning the shoes as best you can. It'll help the studs stick on better if there's a clean surface.
  •  Studs stick on suede really well as opposed to any other kind of material purely cause it's a rougher            surface. 
  •  If you're using a glue-gun, put the glue on the shoe, and then press the stud onto it.
  •  After you've finished the design, carefully put Anabond or Fevikwik inbetween the studs to set it all in    place.

Tada! Here is the finished product :

Good luck!


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